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"Over the years, GSF has become embedded and has given us a structure and framework that enhances the life experience for anyone who has a connection with Newstead House, no matter how long they stay. Through our continued coaching and training, the staff are empowered to be confident to deliver excellent care. We enable our residents to live their lives with purpose, dignity and a feeling of being valued not only at Newstead House, but also in the wider community." Newstead House Nursing Home, Herefordshire


"We are extremely proud to receive the Gold Stamdards Framework Accreditation Award. We fundamentally believe in delivering the best end of life care possible for our Patients and GSF has enabled us to structure our approach and highlight areas where we have been able to improve. We have enjoyed adopting a more proactive approach and providing opportunities to discuss what matters to individuals when planning for their future care." Stainland Road Medical Centre, Halifax


"GSF has empowered our team to deliver the highest standards of palliative care within St Bartholomew's Court and the wider community. By having the framework embedded within our core values and practice we have been able to transform end of life care delivery, allowing for 'gold standard' care for all those entering the end of life period. GSF has given us the tools to enable positive outcomes and quality of life for our residents." St Bartholomew's Court Nursing Home, Merseyside 


"Halliwell has been a GSF Platinum Care Home for many years, so the principles are truly embedded in the home. We are confident as a team that we are able to provide the excellent standard of care that our residents and their families deserve. It remains a whole team approach and it is now something that the team are very passionate about. The feedback and reviews that we receive from families confirms this." Halliwell Care Home, Kent 


"We are delighted to have maintained our GSF Platinum status. It is great to have a nationally recognised award which provides an ongoing learning opportunity for our staff. It also gives current and prospective residents confidence in our ability to deliver high quality care from admission right through to end of life." Tudor Lodge, Somerset 


"The Gold Standards Framework award is really important in terms of securing our credibility as a home that can provide the best possible care for people at the end of life. All staff are involved and participate in maintaining this high standard of care. GSF is not only recognised by CQC and Hospice organisations, but the public are more aware today of the importance of this additional assurance of high quality care." Tupwood Gate Nursing Home, Surrey