GSF Integrated Cross Boundary Care (XBC) Demonstrator Sites


  1. Area-wide - To support Demonstrator sites  to improve their delivery of  personalised integrated cross boundary care for all people near the end of life , enabling them to live well and die well in the place and manner of their choosing. 
  2. Individual settings - To support end of life care training for generalist frontline staff  in all relevant organisations in each setting to attain either :-
    • Awareness of key issues related to improving end of life care
    • Foundation Level GSF - to identify assess and plan care
    • Enhanced Accreditation Level GSF leading to - meeting the 5 gold standards of right person, right care, right time, right place, every time
  3. Across boundaries -  To ensure good communication across the boundaries  of care  
    • Information transfer between setting and IT support
    • Gap analysis of weak links
    • Enabling the patient voice

Scope - 2 year programme from the GSF Centre with confirmed demonstration sites to encourage and enable locally implemented developments in cross boundary care


Areas doing 2 or more GSF Training Programmes, preferably to include acute hospitals

What we provide 

   1.  GSF Training Programmes in EOLC for different settings

a. Awareness, Foundation and Enhanced levels to Accreditation
b. GSF programmes in Primary care ,care homes, acute and community hospitals, domiciliary care, dementia care- soon spiritual care, hospice support, clinical skills  and others

Reduced cost in greater numbers, with other programmes + and further  5% reduction for XBC Projects

   2.  Cross Boundary Care (XBC) Workshops

a. Whole day sessions bringing teams from different settings together, e.g., care homes, primary care, hospitals, etc.
b. Can include GSF in a day Foundation Level Training
c. Helpful as part of strategic event or advance care planning and communication skills workshop

About £10k for 2-3 depending on requirements

   3.  XBC Support

a.  2 monthly conference calls
b.  Ideas from other areas
c.  Occasional visits
d.  Other support, e.g., GSF IT Solutions

Part of being a XBC Site

   4.  Joint evaluation

a. Common evaluation tools, e.g., ADA, confidence, key ratios etc.
b. Dashboard developing with cumulative results
c. Report with gap analysis and recommendations for improvement
d. Strategic Assessment Review- STAR- with GHK
e. Independent research projects

Some available through
GSF programmes, others additional charge 

  5.  Further Collaboration

a. Apply for grant funding together
b. Showcasing examples of best practice at conferences
c. Webinars and film examples of good practice
d. Open days
e. Apply for awards, recognition, etc.


























Updated: 5/10/2016

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