Welcome to the Hospice Support Programme

We are pleased to invite hospice teams to join the GSF Hospital Training Programme, which will give you the opportunity engage in a Quality Improvement Training Programme with your peers from other nursing and medical establishments with the key aim to improve supportive care for all people as they near the end of their lives. Using a structured approach, centrally coordinated and delivered by the GSF team, this programme will make a real difference to the hospice, and will enable people to live well and die well in the place and in the manner of their choosing.

GSF helps you implement national policy into practice. The training programme is in alignment with NHS England’s 2019 Long Term Plan, the Universal Personalised Care guidance and NICE Guidance for end of life care for adults, care in the final days and Service Delivery and Ambitions for palliative care and End of lifecare.

The benefits and outcomes of the GSF Hospice Support programme will be:

  • Better personalised care through identification and assessment of patients’ needs in final year of life
  • Improved team work and collaboration with GPs, Hospitals, Care Homes and others
  • Proactive, well-coordinated care - pre-empting crises
  • Improved Cross Boundary Care and integration into wider local health community

The training includes:

  • Live Webinar Sessions: Each session covers one of the GSF 7 key tasks, sharing good practice and monitoring step-by-step progress.
  • Tools & Resources: Exclusive access to our members area and resources, including teaching materials, posters, videos, leaflets, ward folders and good practice guides.
  • Measures: Intrinsic evaluations showing benchmarked change and progression over time. The evaluations are at the organisational, patient and staff level and are aligned with national targets to demonstrate change.

There are two different ways to access the programme:

  • Silver programme: Hospices attend 8 live training webinars (2.5 hours per webinar), there is a webinar every 6 weeks over 12 months. 
  • Gold Programme: Hospices attend 8 live training webinars, there is a webinar every 6 weeks over 12 months. On completion of the training programme the ward staff give themselves 6 months to embed their learning into practice before applying for accreditation.  

The Accreditation Process

There are four parts to the process:

  • Part 1: Key Outcome Ratios – evidence of attainment of standards in key areas as a run chart over the next 8 weeks & Patient Audit - After Death Analysis x 10 (5 deaths + 5 discharges) to demonstrate GSF is embedded in practice at patient level.
  • Part 2: Portfolio of evidence - statement of how you attain the 7 key tasks with supporting evidence and an action plan for sustainability. 
  • Part 3: Assessment Visit - Visit from The GSF Assessment team to assess implementation, team awareness and long-term sustainability.
  • Part 4: Attendance at the GSF conference to celebrate your success and receive your Quality Hallmark Award. 

We know that this work is making a difference to patients, their families and the staff who provide the care.  Please join us in being part of this national momentum, we will be very pleased to have you on board and look forward to working with you and supporting you to achieve the very best quality of care – ‘the Gold Standard of Care’

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